To carry our sense of music in particularly with the Classical Mussic therefore since the beginning of the year 2002 we make and form a Quartet String in a group consist of 4 players (3 violins and 1 cello).

This Quartet String has been participated and cheer up to be the collection music among the other music group in Bali. On the other-hand we desire to publish our classical music to the general to prove that we are ( local people ) able either playing the classical music or entertain the western people / international tourists during holiday or staying in Bali.

In 2003 PRIMAVERA - Event & Entertainment Organizer has been trusted to cooperate with some other music groups in Bali as the leader. besides, we filling hotels and people’s for the organize entertainment of Wedding Ceremony and dinner reception, etc.

Start May 2005 Primavera get bargain to perform a concert of Classical Vocal Music and later on we have cooperation with Mercure Resort Sanur Bali to present next concerts till in this time.